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Counselling in Cheam and Sutton, for Individuals and Couples (Relationship)


Please contact me if you are interested  in individual or couples' work.  Give me a call or send me an email and we can have an informal chat about counselling and what you might be hoping for.  Come for a starter session if you like and you can see from there whether you think counselling will be helpful for you.

Please email me:
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or give me a call: 07745476771

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Since the pandemic, when counselling went online, many services have continued to operate this way.  I am committed to working with clients face-to-face.  Out of necessity, I counselled clients through online platforms for a period of time but I believe the best therapy I can offer you is face-to-face.  You will likely be talking about issues that are very personal. Just as phone calls, online video calls and messaging with friends and family are invaluable, they are never a substitute for being with someone.  The support that you can receive in-person is more tangible and crucial to good mental health.  There is no better setting to do this than face-to-face with your counsellor.  

I am a counsellor offering either short term or longer term, more in depth therapy dependent on what you are looking for and practical matters such as your availability and finances.
I have been working as a counsellor with individuals and couples for 29 years, helping them move forwards with their lives.

Relationship Difficulties

Whether you are coming as an individual for counselling, or are part of a couple, very likely some aspect of your concerns will be about relationships.

Your self-esteem may not be good and this is about your relationship with yourself.  What you think of yourself.

Good relationships help you survive through other difficulties you may face such as stress and depression, excessive life responsibilities and workload, job prospects, external life stresses, health and financial worries.
When your key relationships are faltering it can feel like there is no place of sanctuary or safety left.  Learning how to nuture and rekindle a relationship can be very important, especially for longer term relationships.

Not only this, but life's pressures can put a severe strain on your relationship and prevent it being the nourishing part of your life that it should be.

Conversely, knowing when and how to end a relationship is as crucial as nuturing a potentially workable relationship.  

Relationship ending doesn't need to be seen  as a failure.  Not everything in life goes on forever.   But a relationship can go into a state of failure if it continues past the point at which it has lost any viability.

Often couples are trying to work exactly this point out.  Should they continue to try to make the relationship work?  The setting of the counselling room is a place where you can consider these difficult questions.

Day-to-day coping with relationships can lead to you finding yourself dealing with stress, anxiety and depression.
Stress, Anxiety, Depression
Stress and anxiety can immobilise and consume you. Waking up to fear is debilitating.
Stress and anxiety lessen the possibility of good communication putting further pressure on your relationships.
Communication between those in a couple relationship can break down, intimacy and kindness disappear and a vicious circle soon ensues.

Desires and Regrets
You may be experiencing difficulties about past or present relationships or the loss of a relationship maybe as the result of a break-up or bereavement.
The absence of the one relationship you perhaps desire - a partner or a child, can lead to a of lack of fulfilment and unhappiness which seems to seep into every part of your life.

Life Plans Not Achieved
The life you had envisaged may not be the one you are now experiencing.
You may find yourself consumed with anger, resentment or jealousy.
Those difficult emotions may be focussed on others and sometimes yourself.
If you are struggling with your relationship with yourself, your own self image and expectations can result in lowered self-esteem. It is very difficult to move forward if your self confidence is low.

Other Issues
Whatever your concerns, I am here to listen and to help you work your way through your present difficulties. There are no 'no go' areas, and my aim is for you to feel comfortable enough to talk about whatever is on your mind.

I am a fully qualified counsellor, registered on the Government Approved Voluntary Register of Counsellors. I am a Registered Member of BACP (British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy).

During my 29 years as a counsellor I have worked at counselling in centres in the Merton, Morden, Sutton and Cheam areas and also Kingston University and several Health, Fitness and Alternative Therapy centres.

After training as a Counsellor for Individuals I undertook additional relationship (couples') training and have in the last 14 years worked also as a Couples' Counsellor. I am also trained as a Family Mediator.
I now work both as a couples' counsellor (relationship counselling) and as a counsellor for individuals (counselling therapy).
Couples may be in gay or straight relationships, be married or unmarried, or have another type of relationship, familial or otherwise.
Many couples with young children benefit from my offer of evening appointments in your own home when children are tucked up in bed..

I have experience counselling people of all ages ranging from teenagers to senior citizens and those from varied and diverse backgrounds cultures and ethnicities. I have a particular interest in difference and in understanding different cultures.

I am not regimented in my approach and I will do my best to understand what you are hoping for from counselling and work in a way that suits you.
I am flexible around appointments in respect of frequency, day of the week and time-slot.
You will not be expected to sign up for therapy at a fixed weekly times unless this is your preference. Not everyone wants to attend weekly counselling sessions, or it may be you are not able to make that commitment due to financial, time or other constraints.

Yes, I believe it really can help! I want my clients to feel better!
I will work with couples to understand each other and communicate more effectively.
I believe that by developing an increasing understanding of yourself and your relationships (individuals or couples) you can be more resourced to make choices for a positive future.
Counselling can help you find a new approach that will aid you in managing your life and your relationships differently.
If we start working together we will regularly review how you feel the counselling is going and whether it is benefitting you.

Generally we might agree to four or six sessions of counsellling and then to review our work.  But the counselling work is set within the frame of what is practical for you.
We can re-adjust the style and the focus of the counselling work according to what will be most helpful to you.

Counselling Style
There are many different styles of therapy for couples and individuals. If you are new to counselling or relationship therapy you may be unsure which, if any of these, will suit you. During the last decade CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) has become popular. I have CBT training, but I do not use CBT exclusively. I will integrate it into my work with you if it seems that it will be helpful to your situation.

I will listen and respond to individuals' and couples' needs and your own particular situation and use this as my guideline, rather than coming to you with a fixed approach.

It may be that different styles of working will help you at different times. Most importantly I respect your situation and experience as unique to yourself. Every client's needs are different and so there are no pre-set agendas.

I will be your listening ear, but I will never be just that. I will give you feedback which I hope you will find helpful and constructive. In my counselling work my aim is for you to feel at ease and comfortable enough to talk about whatever is on your mind so that we can work together to find the best way forward for you.

Counsellor in Cheam/Sutton, Practice Bases

Individual Counselling:
Sutton and Cheam (close to West Sutton and North Cheam, easily accessible from Morden)
Home Visits (in the Cheam, Sutton, Worcester Park SM1, SM3 and KT4 areas)

Couples (Relationship) Therapy
Sutton and Cheam (close to West Sutton and North Cheam, easily accessible from Morden)
Home Visiting Service (in the Cheam, Sutton and Worcester Park SM1, SM3 and KT4 areas)

My counselling base is easily accessible from areas of South West London including Sutton, Cheam, Ewell, Worcester Park, Morden, and Wimbledon.

Areas of Counselling Expertise

  • relationships past and present
  • couples therapy (conventional and minority/non-conventional)
  • cultural, religious and ethnic difference
  • depression, stress and anxiety
  • self-esteem and self-image
  • decision making and future planning
  • coping with crisis
  • and much more. You can talk to me about anything that is on your mind.

    Sessions last 55 minutes (plus a few minutes for administrative details).
    There is an option of a 30 minute counselling taster session for individuals.
    Frequency of sessions and other contractual details are by mutual agreement.

    Counselling insights
    Over the years, as a counsellor, I have listened to many clients telling their stories.
    I have listened to couples struggling to be heard by their partners.
    I have found similarity and difference.
    Every client, every couple, is without doubt, unique.
    I always look forward to counselling new clients, wondering what they will bring and how we may be able to work effectively together.
    I see common threads running through, helping me to recognize patterns and to understand what life experiences lead to what thoughts, feelings and behaviours.
    Over a period of time, I’d like to share with you some of the insights I have had as a result of the work I’ve done.
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